Innovation Essentials 2

Dates: July '21; October '21

Orlando, FL


What if there was a way to ensure an innovation reaches implementation?

Why Innovation Essentials 2? 

Innovation Essentials 2 builds upon the information learned in Innovation Essentials 1 to further equip you with the tools, methods and strategies for facilitating innovation, implementing prototypes and managing change. The first half of the week focuses upon facilitation of design projects while the latter half deals with strategies for implementing and sustaining the innovation. 


Having established the fundamentals of design in Innovation Essentials 1, we want to empower you to lead others in innovation. With the Seeds Global Innovation Lab Certification, you’ll have the credentials, but more importantly the knowledge, to provide teams with innovative solutions to their complex challenges. Oh, and you get a piece of paper to prove you did it. That’s always cool too, right?

  • Techniques for Design Thinking Facilitation

  • Challenge “triage” (i.e. helping a team discover what to do next)

  • Development of Agendas for Design Projects

  • Techniques for getting a team “unstuck”

  • Structured process for developing an implementation plan

  • Change Management Principles

  • Structured process for managing the change caused by a new innovation

What You'll Learn: 

What to expect: 

You should expect to have your brain at capacity by the end of each day.  

You should expect to not listen to one facilitator talk exclusively for any more than 10 minutes at a time. 

You should expect to reunited with old friends and make at least 3 new friends (unless you’re difficult to get along with). 

You should expect to leave with a full toolbox of new innovation learnings. 

You should expect moments of chaos and then order, and then chaos, order, and chaos and a little more chaos. 

You should expect a completely unique and FUN learning environment. 

You should expect tasty snacks and tea time. 

You should expect to leave encouraged and excited for more! (and sad to leave your 3 new friends) 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this training cost? What is included in the training? 
The training is held in Orlando, Florida. The cost is $1,500. The training includes numerous sessions ranging from the facilitation of design to change management to the development of a culture of innovation. Everything that you'll need for the training will be provided upon arrival. Daily lunches and two dinners during the week are provided by Seeds. For out-of-town guests, the hotel provides complementary breakfast. You'll be provided a list of restaurants for the two remaining dinners.

Is this part of the certificate or a stand-alone training? 
Innovation Essentials 2 is part two of our training. Week 1, called Innovation Essentials 1, provides the fundamentals you need to know in preparation for being certified by Seeds. Once you have completed Innovation Essentials 1, you may attend Innovation Essentials 2. You'll never guess what you get at the end of the week... 

Where is the training held? Where will I be staying during the week? 
The training is at Seeds Innovation Lab in Orlando, Florida. The lab is located 15 min. from Orlando International Airport (MCO) and there is a hotel on property that you can stay in. Lunch and snacks each day are included in the registration fee as well as one dinner out.

Do you give discounts for groups? 

Yes! We give discounts based upon the number of people coming. The discount applies to only one individual, and they do not stack. Discounts are as follows: 10% off for the second participant, 15% off for the third participant, or 25% off for the fourth participant. If your group is expected to be larger than four, please write Jacob at