Rather than downloading solutions, our team specializes in the facilitation of Design Thinking in order to lead teams to discover their own solutions. This process requires forethought, strategy and quick thinking. By combining Seeds facilitation with your team's collective intelligence, we’re confident you will discover solutions to the challenge you're facing - no matter how complex.

We facilitate challenges in several ways. The complexity of the challenge and the number of participants involved will dictate which approach we take. As there is a great variety of terms in the innovation space, we try to keep it simple: 

  • Warm-up: Asking questions to arrive at the real challenge (2-5 hours).

  • 5k: Generating highly creative solutions to a known challenge (3+ hours).

  • Half Marathon: A semi-complex challenge utilizing Design Thinking (1-2 days).

  • Marathon: A highly complex, multi-day challenge utilizing Design Thinking (3-5 days).

  • Coaching: Sometimes, teams just need to talk.