Mountain Range

Culture Transformation

We believe the greatest obstacle to innovation is the person in the mirror. Our tendency to rely on habitual thinking and acting prevent us from seeing what God wants to emerge. Drawn from the truths of John 12:24, we at Seeds incorporate a biblical framework for innovation using the model of Design Thinking that challenges participants to ask, “What needs to die and what needs to be born?” While the future appears unknown to us, our passion is to see people intersect with God’s known future, for their personal lives, teams and organizations.

Foundational to excellent innovation is a willingness for individuals of a team to forgive, throw off pride, embrace creativity and suspend negative judgment. Making this a reality often requires cultural transformation. We walk teams through exercises that help members understand themselves and their teammates better with the end goal of being able to innovate effectively, quickly and intentionally. At the core of it all is trust. 

We'll meet you at that place. We'll address the elephant(s) in the room, and get your team moving towards healthy and generative organizational impact.