Today’s rapidly changing world is pressuring organizations to adjust in real-time, yet many lack the tools and bandwidth to make those changes. In addition to the challenges that come along with accomplishing our respective missions, today's pressure to contend for efficacy and sustainability intensifies ever more.

Yet, what if there was a way for us to anticipate change? What if there was a way to curb the threat of the unknown future? 

Seeds Global Innovation Lab strives to provide the tools and a language to do just that. Through the Innovation Essentials training, participants will be able to utilize these tools to produce effective innovations. At Seeds, we believe that the key to creating true innovation is rooted in knowing our end-users profoundly. Rather than creating an organizational strategy that becomes irrelevant as one's end-users change, again and again, this training provides a fresh perspective that approaches testing and implementation in short iterations. This tactic provides the flexibility to adapt and change quickly in accordance with our end-users' needs.

Popularized by MIT, Stanford's D-School, and IDEO, Design Thinking has the potential to move one out of the rigidity of organizational strategic planning into organizational pliability that anticipates change proactively. And that is how we lead our organizations to future success.

Innovation Essentials