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What if there was a way to curb the threat of the unknown future?

Today’s rapidly changing world is pressuring organizations to adjust in real-time, yet many lack the tools and bandwidth to make those changes. In addition to the challenges that come along with accomplishing our respective missions, today's pressure to contend for efficacy and sustainability intensifies ever more.

Yet, what if there was a way for us to anticipate change? What if there was a way to curb the threat of the unknown future?

Seeds Global Innovation Lab strives to provide the tools and a language to do just that. Through the Innovation Essentials training, participants will be able to utilize these tools to produce effective innovations. At Seeds, we believe that the key to creating true innovation is rooted in knowing our end-users, profoundly. Rather than creating an organizational strategy that becomes irrelevant as one's end-users change, again and again, this training provides a fresh perspective that approaches testing and implementation in short iterations. This tactic provides the flexibility to adapt and change quickly in accordance with our end-users' needs.

Popularized by MIT, Stanford's D-School, and IDEO, Design Thinking has the potential to move one out of the rigidity of organizational strategic planning into organizational pliability that anticipates change proactively. And that is how we lead our organizations to future success.

What you'll learn:

  • Why innovation is critical for mission effectiveness and sustainability 
  • Biblical basis for innovation 
  • A common language around the concept of innovation 
  • A tool for innovation
  • How to keep innovation conversations productive and moving forward 
  • How to identify personal blindspots that will hold you back from innovation 
  • Knowing how and when to challenge assumptions 
  • Why and how knowing your end-users makes a difference in your work 
  • The five stages of Design Thinking 
  • Reflection on how to apply your learnings to your context 
  • The value of cultivating your inherent creativity 
  • How to move away from habituality toward generative solutions

What to Expect:

  • You should expect to have your brain at capacity by the end of each day.  
  • You should expect to not listen to one facilitator talk exclusively for any more than 10 min at a time. 
  • You should expect to make at least 3 new friends (unless you’re difficult to get along with). 
  • You should expect to leave with a full toolbox of new innovation learnings. 
  • You should expect moments of chaos and then order, and then chaos, order, and chaos and a little more chaos. 
  • You should expect a completely unique and FUN learning environment. 
  • You should expect tasty snacks and tea time. 
  • You should expect to leave encouraged and excited for more! (and sad to leave your 3 new friends) 

Frequently Asked Questions:

❓   How much does this training cost? What is included in the training? 
The training is held in Orlando, Fl. The cost is $1,500. Lunch and snacks each day are included in the registration fee as well as one dinner out.

❓   I have a basic knowledge of design thinking, should I come to this training? 
Yes! A basic knowledge of design thinking is a great asset to this training, but in not a prerequisite or disqualifier. This training will include design thinking, but it is by no means an exclusive design thinking training. You will walk away with practical information and tools for innovation on a broader scale. 

❓   Where is the training held? Where will I be staying during the week? 
✅   The training is at Seeds Innovation Lab in Orlando, Florida. The lab is located 15 min. from Orlando International Airport (MCO) and there is a hotel on property that you can stay in.

❓   Do you give discounts for groups?
✅   Yes! We give discounts based upon the number of people coming. The discount applies to only one individual, and they do not stack. Discounts are as follows: 10% off for the second participant, 15% off for the third participant, or 25% off for the fourth participant. If your group is expected to be larger than four, please write Jacob at