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Seeds Global Innovation Lab exists to equip organizations for the emerging world. Organizations are made up of people. And we believe that all people are creative. So, all organizations have the capability of becoming truly innovative. We help you design solutions, learn to innovate well and experience organizational transformation that propels you into the future with confidence.

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The Story Of Our Name

First, you must die.

Die. Rise from the ashes. Witness the new dawn. Call it whatever you want. First, you must die. Our team has experienced it, too. John 12:24 says, "Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit."

When we allow things within us (e.g. our titles, identities, activities, pride) to die, we open up space for new possibilities. We hold on tight to these things as they define who we are in many ways. But what if we could come to the innovation table without them?

At Seeds, we believe that we must first get ourselves, collectively, in the right place before we'll see great solutions and possibilities emerge. If we can enter the innovation space with humility, stewardship, and curiosity amongst others, we simultaneously prepare ourselves for something great to happen. So, first, you must die.

Our Team

The Masterminds

Managing Designer

Sam Welch

Sam has extensive experience in the world of recruitment. His ability and willingness to engage people enables him to teach the art of empathy gathering extraordinarily well. His unwavering belief in Design Thinking will quickly be evident as you learn under his facilitation.

Senior Director, Innovation Design

Stacey Hamilton

Stacey joined Seeds with a clear vision: to support non-profits doing incredible things around the world. Her remarkable career in the for-profit world has provided her with an unmatched skill set in this space. Whatever organizations need advice on, Stacey is the one you need.

Executive Director

Jacob Hancock

Jacob has been at Seeds since its inception. He sets the vision for the team, including finding new avenues to support organizations with innovation. Jacob is also an adjunct professor of Design Thinking at Crummer Graduate School of Business.


Rob Wassel

As the Founder of Seeds Global Innovation Lab, Rob foresaw the vision of leveraging the world of Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship within faith-based organizations. Rob is passionate about equipping faith-based organizations for the unknown future.

Administrative Coordinator

Rachel Wilcox

Rachel Wilcox (aka Chiki) comes to us with many years of NGO experience. Chiki provides support to our team that makes us all more productive. Her drive for seeing our team succeed has initiated a new chapter in Seeds. This needs another sentence to be complete and to fill up the space allotted.

Innovation Designer

Aaron O'Hare

Aaron is powerhouse of knowledge and application. With over 15 years living in Asia, he combines his cross-cultural knowledge with a background in organizational leadership to help organizations think critically about how to solve challenges and how to apply solutions in a culturally-friendly way.

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