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Innovation Education

Training plays a pivotal role in the success of organizations who wish to have innovative cultures. Our courses are designed to support that vision.

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Learning and Innovation

We should never stop learning. But what we learn is also very important. Looking inside of our own industries and networks will not provide us the learnings we need to innovate. We must break free from our standard practices of looking at similar-to-us organizations and replicating what they do. Look beyond your circle to discover a whole new approach to your challenges. We do that through Innovation Education.

Innovation Essentials

IE, as we lovingly call it, is our flagship training. Over five days of in-person training, we will introduce you to the fundamentals of innovation, the foundations of problem solving and the tool of Design Thinking. Oh, and we have fun. Like, a lot.

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Design Thinking for Innovation

DTI, which we call it out of necessity, provides online training around how we use Design Thinking to solve challenges. The course spans four weeks, during which time you'll meet other participants on facilitated calls. We limit all cohorts to 14 participants so you have access to our team to get your questions answered.

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Mindsets & Postures of Innovation

‍Yeah, you guessed it, MPI for short. There is so much more to innovation than simply problem-solving. In fact, the greatest barrier to innovation is actually ourselves. MPI addresses the challenges we, as humans, must face before we can become true innovators.

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