Success Story

Large Christian NGO

Initial Challenge

What problem are we trying to solve?

How can we encourage overseas staff to engage in missions digitally?

End Users

Who are the 'end users?'

Overseas staff – members working abroad who, historically utilize a more traditional approach to missions.

Key empathy insights

What did we learn from our research?

  • Need to adapt to the cultural context
  • Not a “one size fits all” solution
  • Local leadership support is essential
  • Proactive – cast vision and provide real-life possibilities
  • Processes are important to highlight, not just outcomes
  • The desire is to enhance in-person ministry through technology; not replace it
  • Want to help them connect with a larger audience

Asking the question a different way.

How might we provide our members with tools and processes to recontextualize ministry for a digital landscape?

Idea to Prototype

Making it real.

The Outfitters Shop - Through a systematic series of questions, the prototype enables an end-user (overseas worker in this case) to understand the digital landscape of his/her particular audience (people group) and develop a digital strategy to significantly enhance the ability to engage that audience. In the end, the prototype looked much like a virtual outfitters shop where individuals and teams could go to get the “gear” they needed to engage their digital audience.”


Did it work?

Several teams have now been through the prototype. They are acquiring a deep understanding of the people they serve within the digital landscape. For example, teams are recognizing which platforms are most relevant for their particular audience (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.). They are identifying trends within various audiences that they can later apply to similar audiences. The prototype is creating a repository of information that will help them and other teams like them to speed up their ability to engage with similar audiences in the future.

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