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Project Facilitator's Guide

The Project Facilitator's Guide is intended to lead you through the Design Thinking process to help you solve your challenge. The process begins by identifying the real problem, discovering a solution and developing a prototype.

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Before you begin...

We value your time. In an effort to protect your time, we've designed a fit tool to verify if Design Thinking is right for you. We believe there are three main categories of challenges: 1) Leadership, 2) Change Management and 3) Design Thinking. The Project Fit Guide will lead you through a series of questions that help you know where to get started.

Fit Guide

Preliminary tool to determine if you should use the Project Facilitator's Guide. Upon completion, it will tell you where to go next.

Facilitator's Guide

Step-by-step guide, walking you through each of the five stages of the Design Thinking process.

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