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Our team focuses on innovation and strategy to help your organization navigate the unknown future. Moving away from the  temptation to over-plan, Seeds accelerates your innovation journey to build the future today. We offer free, online innovation courses, as well as tools for solution design and culture transformation to support your organization. Let's build the future together!

We all get stuck.

Too many voices, inputs and options can cause paralysis, fear of making the wrong decision or fear of failure. Organizations need a way to reduce the noise, make sense of reality and simplify the innovation process.

Been here before?

Budget constraints

Death by meetings

Staff resistance

Mission drift

Strategy disagreements

Complexity of problems

Our Partners

Building together.

Organizations must change; we can no longer execute linear strategies in a rapidly shifting world. To impact those we serve, we must undergo iterative transformation. Our partners have experienced this success from Seeds’ innovation tools, language and mindsets! We’d love to share those with you too.

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Maybe all you need is an innovation coach, or perhaps you need to build a broad culture of innovation. From coaching to courses to creating solutions, Seeds wants to make our learning your learning.

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Regardless of your position on the org. chart, there’s a path for you. We help organizations harness the collective intelligence of their teams. Impactful innovation needs the contribution of everyone.