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Truly innovative organizations have learned to harness the collective intelligence of its members. We walk with you to see innovation move from appreciated to priority.

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The Basics of Culture Transformation

Creating a culture of innovation requires diligence, consistency and patience. Organizational cultures can be shifted, but we need to have the pieces of the puzzle in place. The key ingredients to seeing cultures change are Strategy, People & Culture, Processes & Tools and Metrics. Seeds walks alongside leaders to evaluate the culture and make the necessary changes to see the culture reach its greatest potential for seeing innovation accelerated.


We start with discovery. We want to understand the current culture through our Innovation Culture Assessment and prepare a plan for transformation.


Once we have evaluated the current organizational culture, we determine the areas of strength and weakness. We want to capitalize upon existing strengths and develop areas of weakness. We prepare this through leadership, training and Change Management principles.


Once we have created a plan, we do not stop learning. People are not stagnant; so neither are organizational cultures. We continually monitor the changes and adjust accordingly. Ultimately, we re-evaluate the organization to verify progress.

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