In-person Training

The Runway

What if there was a way to curb the threat of the unknown future?

Seeds Global Innovation Lab strives to provide the tools and language to do just that. Through The Runway training, participants will learn tools to produce effective innovations. The Runway is beneficial both personally and organizationally as you develop a common language around innovation. Through our unique and engaging learning environment, you will gain practical experience in Design Thinking from our trained facilitators. Rather than designing solutions that become irrelevant, this training helps to create innovation around your specific end-users and their needs. 

Who is this training designed for?

While we believe this training would benefit anyone, regardless of where they sit organizationally, the practicum is most useful for mid-level leaders or team members as they're much closer to end-users than upper level management. The primary audience for the content is would-be practitioners of Design Thinking.

What you'll learn:

  • Why innovation is critical for mission effectiveness and sustainability 
  • Biblical basis for innovation 
  • A common language around the concept of innovation 
  • A tool for innovation
  • How to keep innovation conversations productive and moving forward 
  • How to identify personal blindspots that will hold you back from innovation 
  • Knowing how and when to challenge assumptions 
  • Why and how knowing your end-users makes a difference in your work 
  • The five stages of Design Thinking 
  • Reflection on how to apply your learnings to your context 
  • The value of cultivating your inherent creativity 
  • How to move away from habituality toward generative solutions

What to Expect:

  • You should expect to have your brain at capacity by the end of each day  
  • You should expect to not listen to one facilitator talk exclusively for any more than 10 min at a time 
  • You should expect to make at least 3 new friends (unless you’re difficult to get along with) 
  • You should expect to leave with a full toolbox of new innovation learnings
  • You should expect to leave with clear steps in how to move forward in your current challenges
  • You should expect moments of chaos and then order, and then chaos, order, and chaos and a little more chaos 
  • You should expect a completely unique and FUN learning environment 
  • You should expect tasty snacks and tea time 
  • You should expect to leave encouraged and excited for more! (and sad to leave your 3 new friends)

Frequently Asked Questions:

I don’t have a team I can attend with. Can I still come?
Because we believe this training is most beneficial for teams to go through together, we highly encourage group enrollment.‍

What is included in the training cost?
Lunch, snacks, coffee and a few other surprises are provided during the training. ‍

I have a basic knowledge of Design Thinking. Should I come to this training?
Yes! A basic knowledge of Design Thinking is a great asset to this training, but is not a prerequisite or disqualifier. Learning together and working with your team in this setting will help launch you into success as you dive into your own challenges.

Where is the training held? Where will I be staying?
We host this training in various locations throughout the year. You will select the location when you register. We do not currently book or provide accommodations, however we may offer suggestions on where to stay.

What do I need to bring with me?
We will provide you with notebooks, pens, handouts and other resources you will need. You may bring a laptop or tablet, however we have found they can be a distraction.

Price Breakdown

Because we believe this training is most beneficial for teams to go through together, we highly encourage group enrollment. Just look at how much you save for sending more than 3 people—that’s how much we believe in collective learning.

  • 2 people: $800
  • 3–7 people: $1,200

Training Event Dates

We have training events scheduled in the following cities on the following dates.

  • June 7–9, 2023 in Colorado Springs, CO
  • More coming soon!
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