Design Thinking for Innovation

3.4 Creativity Loves Constraints

Jacob Hancock
4:01 min video
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Key Takeaways

  • Constraints, if we allow them, change the way we see and interact with our everyday challenges.
  • Constraints will launch new possibilities if we leverage them for our advantage.
  • Don't become a victim to constraints.
  • Break free from the Path of Dependence.
  • Our current success blinds us from our future success.
  • Identify unhelpful paths so we can reshape them into better paths for the future.
  • Bold Ambition + Significant Constraint = Propelling Question
  • We can if...###

Personal ReflectionWhen in your personal life did you experience a constraint that caused you or your family to uncover a creative solution?###

Group Discussion
  1. In what ways has your team remained on the Path of Dependence?
  2. How might your team leverage a significant constraint to break free from the Path of Dependence?###


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