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Humility Section 1

Jacob Hancock
4:38 min video
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Activity: Take a moment and write the name of one or two people you know who are humble. Now, think about what characteristics or behaviors makes that person humble. ###

Activity: When you look at the images that flash on the screen, what did you see?

  • Image #1
  • Image #2
  • Image #3
  • Image #4
  • Image #5 ###

Key Takeaways: 

  1. True innovation requires absolute Humility.
  2. Humility is accepting that there are other perspectives and opinions equally as valid and valuable as your own.
  3. Humility is not simply discounting or discarding your opinion in favor of someone else’s. Rather, it is opening yourself up to the possibility of another unique perspective that the group might hold.
  4. Humility allows those ideas to breathe. ###

Personal Reflection:What does it mean for you to “allow ideas to breathe?” ###


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