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Key Takeaways:8 reasons Perseverance is paramount to realize value-added innovation. Perseverance is paramount so we can: 

  • Define the real problem. 
  • Cycle through the innovation process. 
  • Operate outside of your default preference. 
  • Work with your team who views and paces differently than you. 
  • Test to fail. 
  • Overcome obstacles and obstructionists. 
  • Not lose the passion behind the vision. 
  • Produce value-added solutions.  ###

Personal Reflection:

  1. What outcome have you seen because of your own perseverance? 
  2. Which of the eight reasons to persevere do you find most challenging and why? 
  3. How might you approach perseverance in that area differently? ###

Activity:Go to seedsinnovation.com/perseverance and watch the following video focusing on innovation perseverance. ###


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