Mindsets & Postures

Stewardship Section 4

Rob Wassel
4:34 min video
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Key TakeawaysThere are three postures of stewardship, they include: 

  1. Openhandedness. To be openhanded, we present ideas with the expectation that others will build on them and not that our ideas are the ultimate solution.
  2. Stewards see relationships through the lens of responsibility, not transaction.  
  3. Accountability. Stewards are accountable to care for that which is in their care. Also, stewards are accountable to engage others with the mindset of, “how might I serve this person God has brought into my life.” ###

Personal Reflection

  1. What might it take for you to become the most content person in a room full of people?
  2. What needs to change in your life to openhandedly steward things and people? 
  3. How might a posture of stewardship affect your life?
  4. Can you make a connection between your stress or anxiety and your posture as an owner (rather than steward)? ###


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