Design Thinking for Innovation

1.1 Intro to Innovation

Jacob Hancock
4:19 min video
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Key Takeaways

  • Innovation- proactively generating and executing new ideas that add value.
  • Reigns of Disruption- We have control over the idea we came up with, and we can limit the disruption that the outcome of our idea has within our own organization and other organizations.###

Personal ReflectionWhat are 1 or 2 expectations that you have as you begin this course?###

Group Discussion
  • Do you believe that your organization is innovative?
  • Share a time when you your team proactively generated and executed a new idea that added value. What was that experience like for the team? If you're having a difficult time coming up with a recent example, that is okay- we believe in a growth mindset! What do you think it will take for your team to become more innovative? ###


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