Design Thinking for Innovation

1.2 Setting the Stage

4:05 min video
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Key Takeaways

  • The person in the mirror is the greatest barrier to innovation.
  • An open mind rejects the voice of judgment so we can be curious.
  • An open heart rejects the voice of cynicism so we can be compassionate.
  • An open will rejects the voice of fear so we can be courageous.###

Personal Reflection

  • Think back to a situation in life or work where you have heard the voices of judgment, cynicism, and fear. What might an open mind, heart, and will have sounded like in that situation? Are there any situations you are currently in that are being influenced by the voices of judgment, cynicism, and fear?
  • Letting things die is never easy, and yet God invites us to lay those things at His feet and trust that He will grow something new and better in its place. Take some time with the Lord to ask what in your work and personal life needs to die.###


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