Design Thinking for Innovation

1.3 The Secret Sauce

Mary Bolander
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Key Takeaways

  • Checking into the Secret Sauce helps us hold each other accountable and reminds us to be present.
  • Embrace your Inner Creativity- We are made to reflect the image of the ULTIMATE Creator!
  • Suspend Negative Judgment... or yourself and others. Give every idea room to breathe!
  • Be curious! Ask penetrating questions, make precise observations.###

Personal ReflectionWhich Secret Sauce ingredient do you most struggle to champion?  We dare you to check-in with that ingredient... you might be surprised how many opportunities you will get to practice it!###

Group DiscussionThe Secret Sauce is most beneficial when used by a team. How might the Secret Sauce help your team to have more healthy, productive meetings? Try it! Which of the three ingredients will everyone check-in with today? ###


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