Design Thinking for Innovation

3.2 Ideate 1.0: What are the Possibilities?

4:13 min video
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Key Takeaways

  • It is easy for us to share an idea and immediately jump to whether it will or won't work. It is vital when we sit in "what are the possibilities?" that we NOT do that. We need protected space to dream, to put all of the ideas on the table, and build on the ideas of others.
  • Put boundaries around your time.
  • Allow internal processors some time to work and think alone.
  • Quantity over quality!
  • One conversation at a time.
  • Lean into the divergent thinkers in this space!###

Personal ReflectionWhen someone shares an idea with me that I don't like, how do I react? Remember, we must set aside our biases and suspend negative judgment. ###

Group Discussion
  • When was the last time the team had a group ideation session? 
  • What were the outcomes of that meeting?
  • If we had that same meeting today, what would we do differently?###


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