Design Thinking for Innovation

3.1 Reframe

Stacey Hamilton
4:16 min video
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Key TakeawayWhen we Reframe, we are looking at our original Challenge Statement through the lenses of our End User glasses, and we see that it needs to be changed to better reflect the needs of our End Users.###

ActivityImagine you work for a local bike shop that has been open for 50 years and has struggled to bring in new business in recent years. The owner suspects that their marketing strategy is the cause of their struggle but he has no idea where to start. He asks you to take on the challenge of reimagining how the bike shop markets to their target audience. After gathering and unpacking your empathy, you learn the following insights about your End Users-
  • Most are using multiple forms of social media
  • Quality of service is equally as important as quality of product
  • Appreciate the charm of local businesses
  • Prefer the convenience of larger companies
Given these new empathy insights, try crafting a Reframe (sentence) of the original challenge that better reflects the needs of the End User. Remember- a Challenge Statement should start with, "How might we..."###

Personal ReflectionWhat was surprising or challenging about the Reframe activity? ###


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